Welcome To Orthopreneur.com

This is a very exciting day for me.  I am posting my first blog.  It has been a major learning curve for me with this new blogging software.  I am very familiar with standard website design and content.  You write the information once and then you are done except for an occasional update, no big deal.  Having to create new articles on a regular basis seems daunting, but I know I am up to the task. 

Make sure you sign up for my Free Orthodontic Marketing Report and Marketing Makeover Tips.  I have over 30 years of orthodontic experience, skills and knowledge that I would like to “pay forward”.  Go to my About MK section if you would like to read more details. 

I have many topics, ideas, and suggestions that I will be commenting on in the future.  Where this will take us… who knows?  It is a strange and exciting journey into uncharted territory for me.  I have lived and breathed orthodontics for so long, I can manage a practice in my sleep. Switching gears to designing marketing systems and mentoring, passing on invaluable wisdom gained throughout the years to other orthodontic teams, is another issue.  With your questions, comments and  input, my goal is to provide the first online blog that targets the entire orthodontic team, not just the orthodontist. 

I always wanted and needed more marketing information and ideas on what other offices were doing and how they marketed and managed their practices differently from ours.  With few opportunities for mentors during the first twenty five years, it was a slow process. During that time, attending meetings once a year just didn’t cut it.  I always wanted more. There was little time to network with other teams and few “new” ideas offered in the lectures.  After building a new state-of-the-art facility in 2000, in order to take the practice to the next level, it was necessary to bring in a practice management consultant to light the way, and a very illuminating experience it was.

My goal with the Orthopreneur™ Blog is to open a new channel of knowledge, communication, systems and products, via the Internet, that allows orthodontic teams from all over the country, or the world for that matter, to market smarter, faster and with less team effort. A network that will exchange ideas and knowledge that will aid and inspire the entire orthodontic community. Thus, freeing up time and reducing stress so it is easier to build relationships with our patients, parents and referring dentists, on a regular basis.  This is what marketing is all about anyway, isn’t it, building relationships?

Thanks for visiting my site.  Feel free to send me questions, through the contact page, that you would like discussed on the blog or contact me personally at 585-613-1587.  I look forward to developing many new friendships from this blog, especially by using the new digital technology of the 21st century.  When we attend the AAO meetings, it will be great to get together and network, one to one, with our online friends.

So long, till my next post.