Virtual Treatments for Orthodontics

Virtual consultations & virtual treatments are on the rise in orthodontics. The premise is simple: a patient uploads photos of their teeth through an orthodontic website (or app), and then the orthodontist connects with the patient via video conference to review the images and discuss treatments.

Offering virtual consultations is convenient for the patient. Virtual treatments take on added importance during the COVID-19 emergency, since most orthodontic offices remain closed and unable to see patients.

The Benefits of Orthodontic Virtual Treatments


Virtual treatments & consultations during the coronavirus shutdown are an invaluable way to continue connecting with patients. With virtual treatments, you can:

  • Keep orthodontic treatments on schedule.
  • Maintain communication with patients — this is CRITICAL!
  • Prevent a backlog of appointments when you reopen.
  • Maintain social distancing and safety of patients & staff.
  • Sustain revenue streams during the crisis.
  • Give patients a reason to continue making payments if they are able.
  • Offer new patient consultations.
  • Handle orthodontic emergencies with videoconferencing.

Practice Experiences

Orthopreneur has implemented virtual treatments & consultations on dozens of orthodontic websites. We are in close contact with our practices, and listening to their feedback to make sure this evolving solution is working for everyone. See what clients are saying about our virtual treatments program:

Dr. Honey Testimonial Orthopreneur Internet Marketing

“I can’t thank you enough for setting up virtual consultations for me. That’s all I’ve been doing the past two days, and it’s been great! Very well received, and we’re able to set up appointments in 7-10 weeks which is so awesome! I even surprised myself and saw three new patients. Thank you! Working great!”
– Dr. Oana Honey, Honey Orthodontics

Dee Duarte testimonial slider portrait Virtual Treatment

“Our patients have been loving virtual treatments; the doctors love it; we’ve been scheduling a lot of virtual appointments, and we are really happy with it!”
– Dee Duarte, Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics

Ready to Get Started?

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