Video Marketing Do or Die… To Build Your Dental Practice

Marketing with Video

Jump Start Your Orthodontic Marketing Program on the Internet with Video

Online video viewership set a new record December 2008 with a 13% increase over the previous month according to a report released from the Video Metrix Service. For the first time, more than 14.3 Billion videos were watched in December by US Internet users. As you might expect, Google Sites (which includes YouTube) led the growth charge, accounting for 49% of the incremental gain in overall videos viewed versus the previous month. In December, almost 100 million viewers watched almost 6 billion videos on YouTube alone.  In January, YouTube reached its first month of more than 100 million viewers.  The first time ever!

I know this subject is scary and most of you don’t even want to think about producing video as part of your Internet marketing program.  It’s too expensive…  It takes too much time… I don’t know where to start! If you don’t, you are missing out on a huge opportunity which will impact the bottom line of your practice today and its future in years to come.

Having your video rank on page one of Google is Dental Marketing Mecca.  Viewers can’t resist clicking on a video when searching for products or services online. Once your video link reaches page one… you are golden.   Viewers click and it keeps playing and playing,  just like the energizer bunny, 24/7, whether you are working, sleeping, eating, playing golf, or enjoying your family.  There is no better return on investment today than video marketing.

Why is video so powerful?

  1. Video is the #1 marketing tool available to deliver your personalized marketing message, exactly the way you want it, at precisely the moment a prospective new patient is looking for your services on the Internet.
  2. It engages the senses and creates emotion.  Viewers can hear and see who you are and what you are all about.  This is difficult to accomplish with the written word on a website.
  3. Statistics show that video marketing on a website increases consumer interest by more than 100%, resulting in a call to action for products or services.  (contact your office for an exam)
  4. It is less expensive to produce video than TV and radio commercials.  Plus, once your video is created and uploaded to the Internet, it is “evergreen”; visible for everyone to see until you take it down… or not.
  5. Video is the #1 preferred form of communication in today’s tech savvy society.  What would you prefer to do… watch a video on a subject of interest or read website copy?  There is no contest.

Speed to Market wins the race…  The window of opportunity to be the first in your area to add video to your website is short.  Don’t be a “me too” practice.  Lead the way in an economy that cries out for something different to stand out in the crowd.  If your marketing budget doesn’t allow for custom video right now, find an inexpensive but powerful alternative.

One way or another, video is the key to a successful Internet marketing campaign.  Venture outside your comfort zone and deliver your own PR message to consumers in your demographic.  Do it today to improve the health of your practice or die.