That Wasn’t Google Who Just Called Your Business

Let’s get one thing straight: Google does not make cold calls about claiming Google My Business pages. If you receive an unprompted phone call from someone claiming to work for Google, the odds are extremely good that you are being scammed.

If you receive a “robocall” with a recorded message about needing to verify your business information lest you be removed from Google, then you are most certainly being scammed. These are con artists seeking to prey on the uninformed.

The only time Google will call your business is if you contact them first. For example, if you have an issue with your verified Google My Business page, you can go through their support channels to request a phone call from a Google representative.

Even then, you are speaking with subcontractors, often located in call centers in India, and not actual Googlers. No one at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA is sitting in a cubicle hammering the phones, trying to get business owners to claim their pages.

You do not want to accept any terms from these callers. They usually offer hollow promises and unnecessary services. Most people are rightfully skeptical of these calls, but the scams must find some success as they continue to operate.

Google has already begun filing lawsuits against some of these impostors. If you are a victim of these bogus calls, Google now has a tool for reporting them. You can find it here:

To read more about this topic on Google’s business blog, here is a link to a post they did on protecting people from illegal robocalls.

These scams serve as a valuable reminder to educate yourself before making any buying decisions. A little proactive research and homework can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

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