Ten Seconds Is All You Have In Internet Orthodontic Marketing To Engage Visitors

Orthodontic Marketing Internet Video Viewers
You have ten second to engage visitors!

A new study from the digital measurement firm Visible Measures indicates online video watchers have short attention spans, with as many as 19.4 percent clicking away from videos within the first 10 seconds of their running time. This includes orthodontic marketing on the Internet.

As the New York Times notes, the number of consumers who stop watching videos in the first 10 seconds is disproportionately high in comparison to the overall abandonment rate. After a full minute, 44.1 percent of Internet users will have closed the video they are viewing.

Matt Cutler, head of research at Visible Measures, told the Times that video marketers need to quickly get to the punchline of their ads. For example, an extended Budweiser ad turned away 40 percent of viewers because it took too long to reveal itself. “It took a shocking 12 seconds to get to the conceit,” Cutler said.

What does this mean to you when adding orthodontic marketing video to your website?  Engage the consumer with what they want to hear at the beginning of the video with the advantages or benefits of orthodontic treatment BEFORE you start delivering what you want them to hear about your practice.  It is all about them… not you.

  • Why are they listening to your video?  Because they want a beautiful smile.  Example of opening line.  Are you tired of being self conscious about the appearance of your teeth?
  • What do they want to know?  Easy non interest Payment plans, hours, locations, accept insurance. Next line – Are you worried about the cost of orthodontic treatment?
  • Most are self conscious about have to wear braces – discuss products offered such as Invisalign, clear ceramic braces, and iBraces in addition to the latest treatment options available etc. – Worried about what people will think?

When creating engaging video, acknowledge their concerns.  Online video ads are starting to become integral parts of comprehensive digital marketing campaigns as the number of consumers watching videos through the web grows.

According to recent comScore reports, more than 175 million Americans, 83.9 percent of the total Internet population, viewed videos online in September.

What are you doing to grab your fair share of new patients online?  Start thinking outside the box of industry standard video scripting.  Grab their attention first by validating their emotions in a practice overview will grab their attention…then deliver the one.. two punch about why they should choose you.

When going to the prom… it’s all about the dress!  When running a contest in your office, it’s all about the prize – not the contest.  With video,  it’s all about the script.

Once new patients have picked up the phone and scheduled the appointment and are in your office, then you can dazzle them with your customer service and delivery of outstanding patient care.  Take off your doctor hat an put on your consumer hat with online marketing.

Just remember… if you don’t, your competitor will!

Leave your thoughts below on the best way to market new patients on the Internet below.  Love to hear your comments