Stay On Top Of The Orthodontic Marketing Wave Now…

The Internet is ever changing.  Don’t be washed away by the learning curve.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below that offers a simple and easy to understand explanation of the Internet network infrastructure and how your practice website is found in the search engines. A more efficient way to cope with the growing demand for information and the delivery of content online was needed to handle the rapid and exploding growth of the Internet. Web 2.0 Social Networking and SEO has evolved to organize the work load and more efficiently deliver content. It affords your online marketing plan greater visibility through page ranking.  A static information website is no longer leading edge and can easily be lost in cyberspace if not optimize correctly.. Adding the latest in Web 2.0 marketing will set the stage for Semantics coming in the future. If you still don’t think you need a website… well, I’m not going to waste my time… or yours… discussing that topic.

With web semantics, the future in Internet marketing, there will be another learning curve to understand, master, and implement.  Click on video to watch more…

The speed of evolution on the Internet is mind boggling.

I have spent almost two years researching Internet marketing and SEO. I sometimes find it difficult to keep up with the changes. It continually drives me in different directions analyzing the best way to deliver marketing content for professional practices that require different mindset than most small businesses. The good news… the new infrastructure with semantics will make it even easier to get the word out. Currently, web 2.0 reduces the marketing dollars necessary to effectively market your practice, increases your exposure to a larger patient demographic, and allows you to create an emotional reaction with your viewers online that is not possible with traditional marketing methods. With web semantics, I can only conclude it will continue in that direction and then some.

Updating your online marketing program is good thing, especially for those who don’t feel it is necessary to stay on top of your website and continue to make it a low marketing priority.  Semantics is where the Internet is headed in the future. Discovering how to market your practice now with social networking, SEO, audio, and video will set the foundation for future changes. Practices who fail to venture outside their marketing comfort zone or continue to procrastinate implementing an online SEO marketing plan will find the learning curve more difficult to understand and overcome when the next wave hits.

Your marketing plan is the life blood of your practice.  

You no longer are dealing with only an internal and external marketing program.  Today an effective marketing plan includes internal, external, and online marketing strategies that meld together as one… to be competitive. Failing to understand the basics when considering a Web 2.0 marketing program is like failing to research and understand the latest in treatment options in your field of expertise… before updating your treatment modalities. Decide for yourself what is in your best professional marketing interest. Then take that knowledge and intelligently direct and oversee your online marketing vendors with the best course of action needed to “out market” the competition in your demographic.

A savvy marketers are always on top of the latest online marketing strategies. Internet marketing is leveling the playing field for professional practices, no matter what the size or reputation. Understanding the importance of the semantic web and how it will attract new patient referrals in the future puts you ahead of the learning curve when implementing new online tactics. Everyone will win with the semantic web. It just means learning the rules, sticking to them, and being the first to ride the new wave before everyone else.

My job is to keep you informed on what is currently available online and deliver information in a format that is easy to access, understand, and follow.  I am in the process of creating an online training program, specifically created for Drs and their teams.  It will walk you through the Rules of Social Networking and SEO along with easy solutions on how to get started and maintain the program. It will be ready for release by the end of the year, if not sooner.  And from there….who knows?  For me it’s very exciting and another window of opportunity.

Heres to marketing smarter, faster and with less effort…