Sloppy Success In Orthodontic Marketing Is Better Than Perfect Mediocrity

Speed Not Perfection

Think of the ONE orthodontic Marketing programs you wanted to start or finish in the past year… but your perfectionism has crippled and even paralyzed your progress.

I myself am guilty of the this.  My new mantra for 2009 is “Speed To Market” with my new products for Internet marketing.  Whenever I find myself paralyzed in a moment trying to make everything perfect, I am going to remind myself “sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity.”

Why is this so?  In the current economic crisis, you can’t wait to figure out how to attract new patients if you want to survive, let alone build your practice in 2009.  Internet marketing is still virgin territory and no one has all the answers.  Visionary practices who move or “fail” forward, even if the don’t totally understand the current tech savvy market, SEO, and how Internet marketing, video, and social networking will promote their business, will be the first to corner the new patient market looking for treatment options on the Internet.  There are still families with disposable income requiring orthodontic and dental treatment.  How are you going to drive them to your practice rather than the competition?

No one explains the key to being productive and moving forward better than one of my business coaches Alex Mandossian.  He was always driving this point home during my coaching classes.  Watch and listen yourself,  so you too can become more productive faster, smarter, and with less effort.

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