Push or Pull Orthodontic Marketing

Time for me to get back on the blogging trail. Attendance at Spring Users Meetings was up this year and my lectures on how to market correctly on the Internet was a hot topic.  Lectures were at full capacity.

The light bulb is finally going off for more and more orthodontists on the importance of Internet marketing to build their business now… and in the future.

Many doctors, staff, and consultants were sitting in my lectures testing their sites on their cell phones while I was speaking. Some were surprised to find out they were not found or positioned correctly on Google maps or in natural page ranking when testing their website and social networking sites.  If you are attending the AAO in Washington this year, stop by my booth #317.  Would love to meet you to discuss options if you are having a problem or don’t know where to begin evaluating the process.

Now is the time to check it out… You don’t want to be the last one off the starting line. It will make it very difficult or almost impossible to catch up down the road with your competitors in local areas. The Internet is hear to stay and your future visibility is on the Internet will be the key to marketing your business externally. Make sure you are set up correctly for optimum rests.

That being said… What is the difference between PUSH and PULL marketing everyone is talking so much about today when targeting today’s consumers? I found two videos that explain it well for those what want to understand what is considered the latest marketing tactics by marketing gurus around the world.

Check them out and tell me what you think.

Below is a more detailed looked at PUSH|PULL marketing with examples being used today.

Find out today how your are positioned on the search engines.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for a FREE online consultation to test and evaluate your Internet Marketing presence.