Outside the Box External Orthodontic Marketing Ideas

Orthodontic marketing at its finest in Phoenix AZI ran across this online press release and wanted to share this great example of external orthodontic marketing idea for an orthodontic practice, or any local business for that matter.  Years ago this would have been considered crass and unprofessional…  But in today’s society where traditional marketing is all but ignored by most consumers who don’t pay attention to newspapers, TV,  radio, and mail marketing, the promotion is brilliant.


Advertising of this creative nature costs less than many printed newspaper ads and considerably less than a postcard mailing campaign sent to homes.  Few consumers bother reading junk mail anymore and are tired or all the unwanted advertising that arrives in their mailbox.  Who can help reading an ad on the side of a bus while they are driving  down the street or next driving adjacent to it.  How many moms are waiting to put their kids on the bus or off the bus when they get home.  This type of out of the box advertising brands your practice in your local area day after day, while helping the community during tough times.  Phoenix school districts are in big trouble.

Traditional marketing no longer works with today’s consumers.  Think outside the box when marketing your orthodontic practice to residents in your area.  Will be interesting to follow up on the results of this marketing campaign a year from now.  I think I will give this practice a call to find out and report back to you at the end of the school year.