Orthodontic Marketing: What the Dancing Merengue Dog Can Teach Orthodontists About Online Video

Last week I received an email from my brother with a link to click on a video of a dancing dog.  I have to admit – it was a pretty amazing performance and totally made my day.

Monday night I turned on Letterman and noted his guests were Bill Clinton and…the Dancing Merengue Dog, from that same video.  I just checked it again and it has over 5.5 million views on YouTube and there is a movement to get the dog a spot on Dancing With The Stars!

So how does a dancing dog fit into your orthodontic marketing plan?  Look at the video.  It was shot in a parking lot!  Production quality is mediocre, but who cares — the video is a worldwide sensation.

Whenever I talk to orthodontists about adding video to their websites or blogs, the first thing I usually hear is, “Professional video isn’t in my marketing budget.” or “ I don’t like being in front of a camera”.

The lesson from the Dancing Merengue Dog is you don’t have to create high end video to create successful marketing video to promote yourself.  All you need is my recommended video camera equipment for under $300 that includes a HD video camera, microphone and accessories and something interesting to say (to your potential patients, not other orthodontists!). Add your name and email address to the right to download my recommended video equipment list along with my free video on how to test Internet visibility in your local area.

Online video is a highly underused marketing tool in orthodontic Internet marketing today that promises a big return on time and minimal investment. Whether you place your video on the homepage of your web site, your blog, Facebook, or upload it to YouTube, the benefits are undeniable.

Video adds value to your orthodontic Internet marketing approach in three ways:

  1. It engages the viewer immediately and convinces them to stay awhile and listen to your message
  2. It provides the viewer or potential patient with a chance to hear the authority in your voice, to see the sincerity in your face, and ultimately to get to know you, trust you and choose you
  3. It enables you to tell the patient precisely what makes you the better choice of orthodontic treatment providers over your competitors

If you are looking for a way to connect with patients and prospects, make online video a part of your orthodontic Internet marketing strategy.

Are you looking for specific Internet marketing strategies you can use in your orthodontic practice?  Contact me to schedule a free online Internet marketing evaluation and find out how Orthopreneur can help you increase your Internet presence visibility to attract new patients today.