Orthodontic Marketing – The Changing Face of Google

Orthodontic Marketing In 2009

Stick your neck out and move forward in 2009…         

My New Years Resolution is to be more consistent with my blogging on orthodontic marketing and continue updating everyone on the latest trends.  I keep driving home the point….The Internet is where it is all happening and video is the medium of choice.  Why?  Few orthodontic practices are taking advantage of this new window of opportunity.  The Internet and video is virgin marketing territory.  Just look around… how many orthodontic competitors in your area are taking advantage of video to engage new patients and direct them to contact their office for an appointment?
To prove my point, below is an Internet press release from Intelerad, a radiology provider for hospitals and medical centers… and Vmatrix, the company who created the online video marketing strategy.
I suggest you read the press release below for two reasons:
  1. Vmatrix, who created the video campaign, tracked the success. Online viewers to the Intelerad website increased 700% due to the new video campaign, resulting in a page one organic search ranking for their services.
  2. Online Press Releases, like this one, when keyword optimized correctly with SEO, is another Internet marketing tactic to allow you to add content rich marketing information about your practice, inexpensively, to increase exposure in your demographic and increase Google page ranking.

The Changing Face of Google…

Two hottest trends in online marketing – streaming video and video SEO – will take off in popularity in 2009. According to online marketing studies, Google’s universal search algorithms, which allow multimedia to appear in search results along with web page links, will change the look of Google search results. More video links and thumbnail images of video links will be seen on Google because more people are searching for video than website content.   read more….

It doesn’ matter what type of business you are promoting.  The marketing tactics are all the same.  I will be discussing more about online press releases in the future.  For now, making sure your website is keyword optimized for SEO is your number one priority the 1st quarter 2009.  Your entire marketing plan will depend upon it.  Like every other marketing tactic you employ to promote your practice to new patients, internally and externally, “They don’t know… what they don’t know… until they know it…”  If your patients can’t see, hear or relate to your content and marketing message, in the end, the marketing program will fail.

Happy New Year!