Just Like That… The Business Of Orthodontics Has Changed!

Put all your ducks in a row to ensure your future…

An excellent orthodontic marketing and business article is available on OrthodonticProductsOnline.com. For those of you who are not reading this publication on a regular basis, you should be.  I have been reading it for years and always found it to be a wealth of information.  The publication is FREE… all you have to due is sign up.  They will mail a copy to the office and/or you can access the articles and archives online.

The article I suggest you read was written by Brett Blake, president and CEO of Acceptx Financial Solutions Inc.  This article is a “Must Read” not only for orthodontists, but financial coordinators and TC’s as well.

If you are already implementing the smart business and marketing practices Brett mentions… I applaud you.  The article linked below will reinforce your savvy business acumen.  If you aren’t, it’s time to put all your ducks in a row to move forward in 2009-2010 as we start to close the first decade and keep them in place, even when times are tough. 

There is one comment I would like to add, however, after reading this article.  Not only has financial behavioral changes occurred in today’s Gen X and Gen Y generations, so has their buying habits and how you engage them.

Embracing new technologies today includes marketing on the Internet.  Many mortgage buyers who are in trouble now paying their mortgages were influenced and enticed by information and research easily found on the Internet.  In the long run, the banking industry and our economy has suffered serious injury due to its bad practices and greed…

However, think of this from another angle…  The banking industry jumped on social networking, word of mouth, and online marketing tactics to promote their great rates to entice new customers and succeeded.  The Internet was a very successful marketing tool.  Taking advantage of the Internet as a marketing tool not only increases your ability to inform consumers who your are and what you are all about… it is less expensive and allows you to reach a much larger demographic.  Your Internet marketing program is the umbrella under which prospective new patients view your practice and your marketing message.  Are you taking advantage of it? And if so, can your patients find you?  Include Internet marketing when putting all your ducks in a row.

Thanks Brett for your insight and here’s to your business success in 2009!