Orthodontic Marketing in the Age of Twitter – It’s Time To Say NO!

It’s OK to say no to some new orthodontic marketing tacticsSay No To TwitterAs someone who enjoys reading and writing, I don’t always identify with this “quick fix” mindset so common to the online audience. But as an online marketer, I’ve seen the effectiveness of concise communications, especially with Web 2.0 Internet marketing. Search engine results (SEO), Blogging, Video, Press Releases, article writing with “Read more” links–all of these things are important to the online experience and they all share the same common element; relaying information that users can either ignore, or choose to explore further.

Today’s audience has grown accustomed to a world in which everything is faster, smaller, and to-the-point. What used to be a giant stack of CD cases is now contained in an iPod that fits in your pocket.  A phone call to see how a friend is doing has become a 5-second check of their status on social media sites like Facebook.  Kentucky Fried Chicken has become KFC, because who has time for 6 syllables when 3 will do just fine?

Can you deliver your personalized orthodontic marketing message in only 140 characters, which is the maximum allowed in a Twitter post? Of course not—which is why I feel there are some Internet marketing opportunities out there that do not work in all professions… especially in orthodontics, or any area of the dental or medical profession for that matter.

As you know, I am a BIG proponent of Internet marketing. But not at the expense of minimal return on Investment of time and energy. Don’t Twitter away your valuable marketing time unless you are sure there is someone on the other end looking for your treatment services. I doubt there are many, if any, prospective new patients in your area looking for any type of dental treatment providers on Twitter.

Your valuable time and thought process would be much better spent search engine optimizing your website, creating a blog post, writing an article, or just spending time learning what you need to know to market your practice correctly with Web 2.0 marketing tactics on the Internet…

As a professional practice, your #1 marketing goal on the Internet is page one…#1… organic ranking of your website on Google with your patient demographic keywords and then…making sure you keep it there.