Orthodontic Marketing – Email by the Book

Pieces to Orthdontic marketing PuzzleYour Internet Orthodontic Marketing Plan has many pieces to the puzzle.   Are you maximizing your email program to increase awareness and promote your practice?

Below are two videos I found that were thought provoking on YouTube related to emailing marketing I would like to share with you. Most of you already have email capabilities integrated with your practice management software through Sesame and Televox on your website. My questions to you is this… Are you maximizing your email  as an Internet marketing tool vs a communication tool to promote your practice?

I find many practices do not have their email set up correctly for practice promotion and most don’t use email other than to confirm appointments and send out an occasional newsletter.  It is not because of lack of effort, but lack of Internet marketing knowledge and training to implement ideas.

In 2010, I suggest you kick it up a notch to further promote your business.  However, just like everything else, emailing marketing must be done correctly or your patients will resent the intrusion or opt out of the service.

Two videos I suggest you to watch on email marketing.

Email Marketing by the Book with Joel Book.  He discusses why email marketing works and  a few ideas that are applicable for a professional practice.  The second video discusses what happens if you cross the line, which you don’t want to do!


Can The Spam

When creating an effective email marketing campaign its all about the consumer, not you. Send emails your patients would consider content of interest or acknowledging and event on a personal level.

  • Appointment reminders
  • Birthday or holiday cards
  • Latest Contests, winners of contests, and Community Event Announcements – Don’t wait for a quarterly newsletter, then its old news
  • Emails with embedded video or written content of interest on dentistry, orthodontics, treatment, or specials for both patients and referring dentists.  (Testimonials do not fall into this category)

Internet marketing, like all forms of internal and external marketing used to promote your business, requires a knowledge base to strategize ideas for the best ROI and a skill level to implement.

Don’t have the time or expertise to figure out what to do, let me help clear the fog when promoting your practice with Internet marketing.