Modern Dentistry Has Never Faced A Depression – What Marketing Strategies Worked Back Then?

Orthodontic Marketing During Recession

Don’t Worry – Orthodontic and Dental Marketing Is Alive And Well Today If Done Correctly…

I did a little research about the Great Depression… And of course, there’s lots of bad news and scary parallels with what’s going on today…


Companies in the RADIO and PRINTING mediums had boom times during the depression.  Why?  Because radio and printing were new and emerging MEDIUMS for business. What does that mean to you? Well…  what is the equivalent of RADIO and PRINTING today? What’s the emerging medium I have been talking about for over a year?

That’s right… the INTERNET and VIDEO MARKETING. And it’s still an emerging baby in its infancy with good news all around!

* The Internet’s COST BASIS is lower than traditional marketing…

* The ability to increase your marketing demographic is greater than ever before if done correctly…

* You can automate your patient contact services over the Internet with email and text messaging…

* You can automate your marketing messages with your website, video, social networking, and e-newsletters…

* You can automate your customer service with 24/7 access to patient information, appointments, and financials…

* You can automate almost EVERYTHING with digital technology except the treatment provider, a friendly well trained team, and the personal touch you maintain when coming in personal contact with patients, family members, and referring practices.

So I say… FORGET what’s happening in the world…IGNORE IT.   RELAX.

FOCUS on your Internet marketing strategies to increase new patient referrals … and digital technology to increase conversion rates. FOCUS on the opportunities… and MOST IMPORTANTLY… INVEST in yourself and your business… There are still many patients out there with disposable income looking for dental treatment providers.  Be the first to market “ahead of your competition” and there is no need to worry.

I was recently asked to speak at the Ortho II Users Meeting and spoke with many practices who are doing just fine during this recession.  Some are even still building their practices.  What are they doing differently than most practices today?  They are actively marketing on the Internet with:

  1. A keyword optimized SEO website to increase their visibility on the Internet
  2. Video or virtual spokesperson to promote their practice on their website and YouTube
  3. Free Google Maps marketing campaign
  4. External linking to their website to increase page ranking
  5. Social networking where applicable

Watch this video from Dr. Blair Feldman’s office in Phoenix, AZ on YouTube.  A contest was run in the office for best smile of the year. This video was shot and produced by Dr. Feldman himself and is a great example of what you can do to promote your practice through the Internet.

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All it takes is a good internal or external marketing idea, minimal investment in equipment, time to learn video technique and production,  and the Internet to get the word out….   You don’t even have to learn it yourself… you can outsource it to a professional, staff member, high school student, or family member interested in computers and the Internet.

Kudos to Dr. Feldman and his team for a job well done….  not only with a great marketing idea, but using the Internet and video as a way to get the word out on the results of the contest.

For more information on how you can build your practice on the Internet, feel free to contact me Toll Free at 877-295-5611 or email