Orthodontic Marketing – Critical Facebook Video Virus Alert

Orthodontic Facebook Virus AlertIf you are using Facebook as a marketing tool in your Internet orthodontic marketing program, there is a virus floating around that is affecting Facebook and MySpace users.

I received an alert this morning from Dr. Randy Womack, editor of Ortho Town Magazine.  He is right top on top of things even though he is Europe lecturing on Invisalign for two weeks.

A video virus scam is infecting Facebook users which may compromise your orthodontic marketing efforts.  Read this blog post on the Facebook virus to see what it looks like and learn more.  This is not a hoax.  It is being confirmed on Snopes.com.   If you find you are infected, Snopes has instructions from Facebook on how to remove the virus.

I suggest you notify all your Facebook friends of the problem.  If they are infected, they may infect others, including you.  Facebook has it under control and is working on how to prevent it from happening again in the future.  Right now, they are notifying users what to do if your Facebook page is already infected.

If you are maintaining Facebook yourself in your practice, check it out and notify staff what to look for to prevent infection.  Don’t click on the video link.  If you are outsourcing services to a vendor, make sure they are aware of the problem and to notify your Facebook friends to beware also with an additional post to your wall!

Internet marketing is here to stay.  Don’t be afraid to pursue these types of marketing mediums.  The chances you were infected before Facebook shut it down are remote…   They only way you will know is to check our your Facebook page.

Let me know if you were infected by commenting below so others can benefit from your experience. I also would like to know how you feel Facebook has impacted your Internet marketing efforts to promote your practice.  Others would be interested in reading too.  Internet marketing results are tough to track, especially with social networking.  However, if it is done correctly, it is very powerful.

You don’t know… what you don’t know… till you know it!  You are now informed there is a virus passing around.  Take measures to make sure it doesn’t affect you and your orthodontic marketing efforts.