Mobile Search Surpasses Desktop Search as Apple Introduces AppleBot

Mobile Local Search Surpasses Desktop Search on Google The day has finally come. More than half of local searches are now done on mobile devices. This means the use of desktop and laptop computers continues to decline as we all shift to the computers in our pockets and purses.

Of course, the writing has been on the wall for many months regarding the proliferation of mobile local search. Some have suspected that mobile searches on Google surpassed desktop searches over a year ago. In any case, this is the first time Google has said publicly that their data shows mobile on top.

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The coronation of mobile as the preferred method of local search coincides with another announcement that could only be described as inevitable: Apple has confirmed that they now have their own web crawler, similar to the GoogleBots deployed by Google for finding, consuming, indexing, and ranking the zillions of web pages on the Internet.

In a move dripping with originality, Apple has dubbed their web crawler AppleBot. At this time, it is unclear whether Apple is gearing up for a run at Google’s stronghold on search, but this is certainly a step in that direction.

This is especially significant because Apple is unleashing their web crawler at a time when much of the mobile search market is up for grabs. Could Apple be throwing their hat in the ring to compete with Google for the lion’s share of mobile search?

Also noteworthy is that Google seems to have a harder time monetizing mobile searches. This is primarily because there is less room for advertisements on smartphones, but also because searches on mobile devices tend to be acutely targeted.

People usually have a very specific goal when they open a web browser on their phone, so it is more difficult to distract them with ads. It is a different ballgame than targeting someone “surfing the web” on a laptop from their couch or at their desk computer.

As consumers become more tech-savvy and mobile search permeates society, businesses will need to keep up with the technology. Make sure your orthodontic practice is mobile-friendly and in compliance with the latest search guidelines and trends!