FREE HUGS Or Beautiful Smiles..It’s all the same

I was reviewing a collection of YouTube videos I bookmarked for my free multi-media marketing book I will be releasing at the AAO Convention in Denver in May…when I came across this video. I decided not to wait and write this blog post instead.  It had an impact on me when I watched it 3 months ago and it obviously had a viral impact on the 25,649,101 that have watched it to date.  There were no where near that many viewers three months ago when I first viewed it….it’s gone viral because of the emotional affect it has on our own perceptions and what we, as individuals, need more of in life.

FREE HUGS is a great example of how a simple jesture can quickly spread through a skeptical crowd, create a positive word of mouth response, and ultimately, through all the hassles, offer a great product or service….A FREE HUG.

It also demonstrates with social proof that it doesn’t take much to make someone happy. Authentic emotion and trust is what creates power, success and raving fans….

After watching the video, I immediatley saw a flashback …I remembered that almost every weekend , I would go to Wegmans in Upstate NY,  the #1 rated grocery store chain in the country for products and services, and buy two dozen roses for the practice.  Wegmans had a great floral section that would put many florists to shame and priced for the average consumer who wanted to pamper themselves or someone they cared about.  For $20.00 I had all we needed to make someone happy….

I would take the roses to the office on Monday and during the week we would give each deband patient a rose to give to their parent on the day the braces were removed as a thankyou for straightening their teeth.  It was great to see the hugs and an occasional tear in a parents eye.  Kids often take for granted the expense, time, and sacrifice parents go through to provide for their needs.  Even though we prompted the gesture, it was very much appreciated by the parents.

We also kept a vase of roses at the front desk….if a mom was having a tough day, we would hand her a rose with a smile… and it would say it all.  Like FREE HUGS, it doesn’t take much to make someone happy and put a smile on their face.  It also is a jesture they aren’t likely to forget… The rose didn’t have a ribbon wrapped around it with garland…it was just a single flower.  But it had the power and impact of so much more…

In our busy fast paced society, it is rare for anyone to be proactive and take the extra time to acknowledge the needs of others…whether its a gesture of appreciation with a flower or an unspoken nod that we understand life isn’t always easy….

Show your patients your care…take the extra time to do something unique and special…It doesn’t matter what is it, just that you do it…. When delivering a product or service, make someone feel special and watch your practice flourish….

Food for thought….