Marketing an Orthodontic Practice or a Google Ad During SuperBowl – It’s all the same

Superbowl Commercials

Sunday’s Superbowl game yesterday was very exciting for a change.  I enjoy the camaraderie and commercials, just like 47% of Americans polled by the USA today who said they only watch the Superbowl because of the commercials.  49% watch because of the game.  It says alot about what entertains consumers today.  And the best part is…we are all waiting to watch a 60 second or less marketing message.

Google paid 3 Million dollars to air their 52 second ad that you or I could easily create ourselves with royalty free music, Internet access, and software that comes standard on many computers that turns search movements into video.

If you didn’t see the video, watch it here.

The buzz on the Internet is “Was it worth the three million dollar cost of advertising during Super Bowl Prime time?”

I look at it differently. It was so simple, created great emotion, and is an outstanding example of why you don’t have to be a pro to create your own video.  You can do what Google does on a small budget.

Did you notice that there were NO actors on camera in the ad? NO voice-over? And… there was only ONE PICTURE.  Just words on a computer screen with a good selection of music, right?

There are many different options to creating good video. You don’t need a big budget or professionals videographers… You need good scripting, visuals to tell your story, audio to help stage the moment, and the confidence to “Just do It”.

What creates magic in video?  Comedy or emotion.   And this video in 52 seconds said it all creating an emotional response.

As you are watching the video, it  CONJURED UP in your head visions created by simple words on a screen. What MOVES you is what YOUR OWN IMAGINATION brings to the viewing (Remember falling in love?)…  It means something different to every viewer watching.  The Google Ad was a FAB video.  A phrase coined by Internet video expert Andy Jenkins of Traffic Geyser.

  • Feature:Google’s search is simple to use.
  • Advantage: Google search has the best results.
  • Benefit: You can even use Google to find LOVE! (Awwww!)

Tricking people’s minds into filling in the “gap” in films and videos is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your practice.  So is telling a story about a journey. If you don’t want to be in the video because you are uncomfortable on camera, you don’t have too! Let photos and “memorable” music tell the story for you. You don’t have to promote yourself… let your story do it for you.

If you want to include testimonials and become adventurous yourself, all you hav to do is purchase the “right” inexpensive video equipment.  If you didn’t read my blog post on the best new video camera buy out there… here it is!  The You Tube Video was created by who else? Andy Jenkins.  After he gave his seal of approval on this camera on the Internet, Kodak and Amazon sold out in a few days and the black version went up to $279 when back in stock.  Fortunately, I was able to get mine for $150.00. (this price can still be found in colored models)

I purchased and inexpensive microphone for under $30 that works great, a monopod (one legged tripod that is a must for good video) extra battery and memory all for the the camera for under $300.  It produces professional quality video you would be proud to present that will set your practice apart from the others.

For those that are still skeptical and camera shy, here are two examples of video I created in my office without myself on video that can be found on YouTube and Google in the top positions using major keywords orthodontic marketing.  These videos are linked all over the Internet because the content is good, whether you are an orthodontist or any small business owner. They aren’t stellar productions but it gets my message across. Figure out what you can do yourself to grab attention and just DO IT in your local area!!  And don’t forget… everything start to finish… every piece must be search engine optimized to be found by local new patients….