Level The Field With Online Orthodontic Marketing Tactics

Level The FieldOne of the great advantages of orthodontic marketing online is that no matter how big or small your practice, the playing field is level. This particularly is true if you add video to your orthodontic website.

Visit You Tube or any of the other social media sites and you will see that no matter how big or small the video maker is, if the video is good, it will get exposure.

Examples of how orthodontic practices are using video online is highlighted at orthodonticmarketingonline.tv.  I have launched this new website to present a cross section of orthodontic online videos to jump start your creative juices and peak your interest in marketing your practice online with videos. Great video content is being added online everyday by smart, marketing savvy orthopreneurs. This site will keep you up to date with the latest marketing tactics being used online to market your practice in a video blog format.

Producing videos that elicit an emotional response from perspective patients… encourages the viewer to pick up the phone or email your practice to set up an appointment rather than your competition down the street. And if it is entertaining or has a high WOW factor, the chances are good they will forward the video to friends and family to increase word of mouth.

I recently read an blog post discussing research reported by SEO expert Mark Robertson and compiled by Findlaw (online legal directory).  It was highligted on the blog Search Engine Online.  While the study did not target orthodontic or dental practices, online marketing strategies and SEO for the legal professional are the same and consequently… the results should be approximately the same. Websites with video impress viewers and decrease their tendency to search elsewhere for a treatment professional.  Unless of course you were the last of your group due to poor SEO.  This is why staking your claim now in online real-estate is the key to future online orthodontic marketing success. 

If you take an honest look at orthodontic practices featuring video, such as Dr. Alexander Villar, the newest addition to my library of dental professional videos, you can’t help but say WOW…

  • His video website is leading edge, grabs attention, creates emotion and will make any competitor cringe.
  • You see and hear his practice philosophy, who he is, what services he offers, and how great his team is.
  • The videos tell the story from the eyes of a patient. The written word doesn’t create an emotional story or relay the practice philosophy benefits and features as well as video.
  • Perspective patients are already hooked before they  pick up the phone and call his office for an appointment.

Also… take note how he presents himself as an orthodontist with two years training, even though he is a GP.  Online video is the ultimate medium to present your credentials as a “practice limited to orthodontics” and explain to viewers the differences in training.  If I didn’t know better, which your public doesn’t, he sounds like he had two years formal training in an accredited orthodontic program. 

Dr. Villar’s delivery is not perfect in all the videos, but who cares…  Talking head can be very difficult since most of us are not comfortable on camera. The ahs and umsdon’t matter.  He is getting his message across to viewers and the video is presented on a very professional level, shot in a studio with the same background, and broken up into bite size pieces so they can pick and choose the content they want to view.  This tactic appeals to our ADHD society who wants in and out of your website as fast as they can. 

The entire website/video format is an outstanding presentation. The goal of online video marketing is to expose your practice to your community, on the Internet, and promote yourself as the orthodontic expert in your area.

Videos and video marketing are not just here to stay, they are the future of online marketing and the future growth of your practice. As the larger corporations including TV and movie makers are now using this medium, it makes sense to jump on board. You go where the market is watching.  Gen X, Gen Y,  and Global Tweens are searching online for information, watching video and in the social networks.

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing online marketing tactics – so long as you present reasonable good quality and content.  Your videos don’t have to look like Dr. Villar’s to grab attention.  Less the 2% of orthodontic practices are marketing online… and 99% of those are not using this high quality of presentation and are doing very well,  promoting their practice with a video message and other SEO online tactics.  Understanding the ins and outs of SEO, which includes video presentations and video testimonials… can’t help but take your practice to the next level. 

You do need to take action and put good video up on your site, whether you are speaking yourself or hiring and actor to speak your message for you. The window of opportunity is NOW and it’s limited. Don’t wait till the your competitor beats you to the punch…Lead or get out of their way!