Major Facebook Update – Put on a New Face in your Internet Orthodontic Marketing Program

Facebook Undergoes a Facelift in orthodontic marketingFacebook underwent a profile facelift and so should your Internet Orthodntic Marketing program to attract new patients effectively to build your business.The new look was announced on 60 minutes last night.  It was a very interesting segment to say the least.  If you didn’t see it, here is a good blog post recapping what is changing in the new profile along with comments and concerns about  how Facebook is taking over our lives.  For the official version, here is the associated press announcement.

The new Facebook design will also be more popular with advertisers as there are more ‘Sponsored’ advertisements with images.  I recommend you take advantage of this, even if you don’t have a Facebook page.  You can advertise on Facebook and drive them to your website or blog  targeting orthodontic information about your practice.   Very smart Internet marketing tactic on many levels and much less expensive than paid advertising with PPC programs if set up correctly.

You also can make your Business Facebook profile more personal with photos and written content highlighting your strengths.  Make sure you don’t forget the video.  If you aren’t creating video testimonials and answering top “consumer orthodontic questions” about your practice…. it is time to get moving.  Equipment is very inexpensive… but make sure you buy the right camera with an external microphone and use a monopod to stabilize.  The kodak zi8 camera is much better than the Flip camera and allows you to add an external microphone for better audio.

The Internet is here to stay and very powerful among consumers as their favorite form of communication.  “It’s not the big that eat the small… but the fast that beat the slow! ”   Janson Jennings .  Where are you in the race to dominate Google in your local area with an effective Internet marketing strategy?  Give me a call for a free Internet marketing evaluation if you need help.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the latest Facebook facelift.