Anatomy of an Over the Top Internet Orthodontic Marketing Campaign

Dr. Joe Pearson of Pearson Orthodontics in Phoenix AZ, an exclusive Orthopreneur Web 2.0 client, and his team worked together to promote one of the most integrated Internet Orthodontic Marketing Campaigns I have worked with to date.

Not only did the orthodontic marketing promotion contain all the ingredients of a successful internal marketing program for orthodontic patients and external marketing program in the local community, it was then promoted exponentially under the umbrella of the Internet to increase exposure and page ranking for their orthodontic website and blog in Phoenix, Ahwatukee and surrounding areas.

Lisa Ebeln, the marketing coordinator at Pearson Orthodontics, suggested an idea to the team to help underprivileged school kids in the Phoenix area.  Dr Joe Pearson felt is was a great “pay it forward” community project.  What started out as a traditional way of helping others, eventually snowballed into a strategic marketing program that promoted Pearson Orthodontics in local newspapers, television, and on the Internet throughout Phoenix and around the world.

I recommended the architecture of the marketing promotion and the staff ran with it, nurtured it, and let it blossom from there. Their enthusiasm, team work, and follow up every step of way made it work. Kudos to the Pearson Team.

Rather than go into detail, I will let the Internet show what was accomplished.  Lets start with YouTube Channel 5 Local News Video.

The Channel Five Local news posted an article on their website.  Local News Article was printed in papers and posted online.   Joe Pearson was interviewed in promoted in local newspaper and online.  The program was posted on Phoenix Local Facebook Page and on their own Pearson Facebook.  An Internet Press Release was distributed and was picked up World Wide to increase back links to their website.

What started out as an internal marketing community project took on a new life of its own and spiraled into an integrated marketing program that is worth its weight in gold in good will, word of mouth buzz, and free advertising of the highest caliber exponentially.  You can’t buy this type of exposure.

Families in Ahwatukee AZ will remember Joe Pearson not only as an orthodontist, but as a good guy who cares about others.  He will reap the benefits of this marketing program for many years to come when parents and families in Ahwatukee are seeking the services of an orthodontist.  It also helped increase his website and blog page rank in Phoenix and surrounding suburbs to promote his practice online.  It was a win… win everywhere.

If you are going to spend the time and money promoting your business, take it to the max whenever you can… especially on the Internet.  This marketing promotion is now found on the Internet 24-7, indefinitely,  There is not better return on investment anywhere for expended time and money.