Think Outside the Box With Your Video Internet Marketing Campaigns

Creating video for your Internet Marketing video campaign isn’t always about selling consumers about you. Its about creating marketing messages that entertain and engage consumers to remember your name and who you are. The more memorable the video the better. Why? because today’s consumers pass “memorable, unique, and bizarre” on to their friends.

Major companies all over the world are spending big dollars to create clever short Internet video marketing campaigns to entertain, engage, and brand their business with current and prospective new customers.

Millions of people are watching these videos around the world every WEEK. You don’t have to market to the world, nor do you have to pay thousands of dollars to produce clever video. Think outside the box to script unique and memorable content related to your business to create attention.

Your videos may grab attention today… next week… next month… or next year. This is the beauty of Internet marketing.

In addition to a standard “me too” video marketing campaign… come up with something clever, fun, and off the wall about your business. You will be pleasantly surprised how it affects your audience.  Don’t have any clever ideas? Ask your audience….  Run a contest for the best video marketing idea and have your patients decide who the winner will be.  This accomplishes two things.

  1. You don’t have to spend time or money coming up with a great idea
  2. You know what your patients want to see.  They voted for it.

Give it a shot.  Food for thought …You will be pleasantly surprised.