Internet Explorer Killed Off by Microsoft

Orthopreneur Internet Marketing Solutions | Website design, SEO, and online branding for orthodontists and dentistsMicrosoft is phasing out Internet Explorer, and here’s why you should, too: the classic web browser is no longer receiving security updates or bug fixes.

What does this mean? Older versions of Internet Explorer (IE) have outdated software and potentially extreme security risks! When hackers and online criminals hunt for targets, they often seek to exploit areas with reduced or altogether nonexistent security measures (like a predatory animal hunting the slowest or weakest member of a herd).

A computer that is connected to the Internet through an outdated version of IE makes a prime target for cybercriminals. Why expose yourself and your data when there are more secure options?

“But Lots of People Use Internet Explorer!”

This is a common response when we tell clients that IE is being abandoned. The numbers show otherwise. Over the last three years, the use of IE in the United States (and globally) has declined sharply.

In January 2015, Internet Explorer had roughly one-third of the market share for browser usage in the US (source: As of November 2017, only about 12% of all computers in the US are still using IE. According to StatCounter Global Stats, the number is as low as 3.8% of Internet users running IE around the world.

In fact, the newer web browser Microsoft Edge already has a 7% share of the US market. This shows that many Microsoft users are rolling with the times and switching to more secure, updated web browsing technology.

What Web Browser Should I Use?

Do yourself a favor and start using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (for Apple devices), Microsoft Edge, or Opera as your web browser.

The latest available version of Internet Explorer is 11. Depending on how old your computer is, and what version of Windows Operating System you are running, you may not be able to update to IE 11. For example, if you are using Microsoft Vista then you can only go up to IE 9.

The discontinuation of updates for Internet Explorer means that different computers will run different versions of the browser from now until forever. It also means that newer websites built with the latest design technology may not function properly in IE, which will downgrade your online experience.

New Websites and Old Browsers May Not Mesh

As a website design company, we occasionally run into issues with new websites acting strange in Internet Explorer. Because new technology may not be understood by older versions of IE, it can be difficult to troubleshoot the appearance of a new website in an outdated browser. It can also be hard to replicate errors in order to fix them because there are many different versions of IE, and none of them receive updates.

Between the compromised online experience and the severe security concerns, the reasons are clear why you should stop using IE. Going online with Internet Explorer is like leaving your car unlocked every time you park. If someone wanted to get in and go through your stuff, they could do it. Why take the risk?

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