In Orthodontic Marketing Say Goodbye To Your Inner Perfectionst… Say Hello To Speed To Market

Speed In MarketingWe’re all guilty of being perfectionists at one time or another. However, in orthodontic marketing it can be detrimental…

It’s appropriate to strive for a perfect Class I occlusion when treating orthodontic patients or in my case,  the perfect Web 2.0 Internet marketing program to catapult your practice to page one on Google in a highly competitive area. That’s okay… Being anal-retentive about some things in our life is normal, and maybe even necessary for our emotional well-being.

On the other hand, being a perfectionist about your orthodontic marketing programs, especially a website… is something you simply CANNOT afford to do. It could takes months, maybe over a year to get it completed to your satisfaction and up on the Internet. If you are guilty of this, stop RIGHT NOW.  I mean it! Put up your right hand and repeat after me, “I do solemnly swear to never again spend hours polishing up my new marketing programs, website content, or Internet video promotion to a perfection level. Starting now.”

It may seem odd that I would actually discuss the virtues of creating imperfect orthodontic marketing programs. But think about it — why do people want to read your website? Is is for the amazing grammatical prowess it demonstrates on every conceivable subject in orthodontics?  No. It’s for the orthodontic content they can easily find on page one of Google when looking for an orthodontic treatment provider.

• The sooner you content is online, the more readership you’re going to attract
• The more readership you attract, the more exposure you receive
• The more exposure you receive, the more traffic to your website
• The more traffic to your website, the more new patient appointments your schedule;
• The more new patient calls you schedule, the more new patient starts you convert to increase production

What do you think? Are you guilty of being a perfectionist who slows down the orthodontic marketing momentum of your practice?
What has perfectionism cost you in terms of lost exposure, lost opportunities, and increase revenue?

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  It is OK to fail forward in your orthodontic marketing when building your practice.  This is how we learn, grow, and build the business of our dreams.  If a program doesn’t work, get rid of it… if it needs improvement polish it up.  In many cases new patients won’t even know the difference when all is said and done.

Just get yourself out there as fast as you can and stay ahead of your competition during these tough economic times.

Leave a comment and let me know if you are one of the guilty parties like myself…