How Does Your Orthodontic Marketing Video Make New Patients Feel?

We all know that buying decisions are based on emotion.  So is deciding who to contact when looking for an orthodontic treatment provider. Does your video content set your practice apart to engage talk in your area or is it the same as every other orthodontic marketing video out there?  If you are going to spend a lot of personal time or thousands of dollars on professional video creation, why not think outside the box to grab attention and get consumers in your area talking.

Watch this video on how “Evian Water” set their video marketing promotion apart from all the other water manufacturers and attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the world to watch their video on YouTube, both in the US and with a separate video Internationally.  They will definitely associate the Evian brand with the baby video the next time they see it.  Mission accomplished…

I understand you do not have the marketing budget that Evian had to create this type of video. But with some imagination, good scripting, and the right royalty free music, you are only limited by your own imagination. Using photos instead of video is an alternative. With great subject matter and a fun spin on things, you can create a great emotional experience so prospective new patients will remember you when compared to other orthodontic treatment providers in your area.

Here is a video created by an orthodontist in Phoenix, AZ. and produced on a free program on his Mac Laptop.

This video promotes his treatment expertise in a fun format that encourages active participation in the practice from patients with a contest. He thought outside the box. What can you do?

Leave a comment below on you thoughts about this type of video production.