#1 Flip Camera I Highly Recommend in Orthodontic Marketing

Orthodontic Marketing Aficionados and Wanna Be … Finally… a Flip camera I will recommended for easy web video creation.

You are always asking me what video camera to buy for your practice.  One of my video marketing coaches Mike Koenig tested and is now recommending a new Flip video camera on YouTube. Mike is considered the #1 Video Camera Guru when it comes to Internet marketing video. This camera is a must have video camera for your practice.   It is:

  • small
  • inexpensive
  • very easy to use
  • has an external microphone jack (a must in my mind for good video)
  • high quality video and audio

Now I suggest you go online and buy one today… you won’t be sorry! You can purchase the camera, extra battery, and case for under $200 while supplies last. 

Here is the link to Amazon but they are out of stock on some options.  Here is the link to Kodak online.  They still have cameras in stock, but not for long… with their $30 off special while supplies last before 12/14/09.

I myself have three different types of video cameras.  HD Video, Standard Video, and the Flip camera when it came out on the market.  I was never happy with the Flip.  I just couldn’t recommend it because of the poor audio quality.  Internet viewers will be more forgiving with poor video quality than poor audio. Mike Koenig taught me this.  However, technology is amazing and obviously changing at lighting speed.  Kodak found the solution.  This camera will increase my collection to four.

Go For It…  Make 2010 the year of adding video to your website, blog, YouTube, and social networking efforts.  I recommend you create good video content viewers are interested in watching.  Remember, you are documenting your own personal PR message.  “Perception and Reality” of your practice is online is key to a successful Internet Marketing campaign. Make it a good one… There is more to video marketing than point and shoot.

Leave comments and questions below regarding the new Flip camera.