Five Basic Steps to Jump Start a Successful Internet Orthodontic Marketing Campaign

Setting up a plan is the first step to any successful program, no matter what it is.  In any professional practice, there are five basic steps to set the stage for Internet orthodontic and dental marketing success.

checkmarkEvaluate your website for correct demographic SEO coding and updated user-friendly website design.  This is necessary whether you currently have a site or are designing one for the first time. SEO and website design are the foundation of any Internet marketing campaign, just like quality customer service and good delivery of treatment with the latest technology is the foundation of your business plan.  Your website is the hub of your Internet marketing strategy.  If your website looks old and outdated and cannot be found, in the “eyes of a consumer”, is a poor reflection on you if it is a true representation of your practice or not.

Patient perception is based on the reality of your website design and indicates to viewers who you are and what your are all about.  Are you projecting the right image?

checkmarkSet Up a strategic Google Local Business center campaign to attract new patients, request current patients to review your treatment and services to promote your practice online, and track the number of patients finding your business in your local area.

checkmarkClosely research and track your competition on the Internet.  I suggest you visit your online demographic at least once a month to track new competitors and marketing efforts in your area.  Your competitors on the Internet are based on patient keywords.  Internet marketing levels the playing field for all professionals targeting new patients in your area no matter what the size of the practice or skill level.   Losing one new patient on the Internet per month due to poor design or lack of visibility translates into thousands of dollars in lost production every year.  Can you offered to ignore this type of opportunity?

checkmarkBased on your research, determine the best way to set yourself apart from the competition.  There are only so many different ways you can deliver written content in a website.  Right now, most websites look the same and offer the same written content.  Most are boring and do not implement strategic marketing tactics.  Set yourself apart with a unique delivery of information no one else is using to engage and attract more new patients.

checkmarkContact and Internet marketing coach who can remain objective when evaluating your website SEO and design, coupled with current Internet marketing strategies.  There are many slick new marketing options available to professional business owners who are willing to step away from traditional marketing tactics to build their practice with Internet marketing.

Discovering all your options is the first step to creating a successful Internet marketing campaign.  Once you have a good working knowledge of all the marketing opportunities available, you can determine for yourself what works best in your practice based on time available to implement programs, working knowledge of options, staff expertise, and your marketing budget.