Can’t Leave Google Reviews on an Android

As of mid-April 2014, it is impossible to leave a Google review using any tablet or smartphone, regardless of the brand of the device. Back in 2012, the “Write a review” button disappeared from iPads and iPhones. We chalked this up to the ongoing spat between Apple and Google.

As a workaround, we advised clients to purchase tablets made by Samsung or Nexus, or to use Android phones. Google still made the “Write a review button” available to non-Apple devices. As of a few weeks ago, this is no longer the case!

So what gives? The first possibility is that Google is just doing some maintenance or updates. Under this assumption, the review button will return to non-Apple phones and tablets in the near future.

The second possibility is that Google wants to make it even harder for businesses to get reviews on Google Places. Why would they do that? Because business owners have learned to keep a tablet on-site to “strike while the iron is hot” and get satisfied customers to leave positive reviews before they leave the premises. Technically, this is a violation of Google’s review guidelines; soliciting reviews is not allowed.

The age-old problem with getting satisfied customers to actually follow through from their homes and post a Google review continues to frustrate business owners. Resourceful and proactive business owners started keeping a tablet on hand to seize the opportunity to gain positive feedback on their Google listing.

Has Google caught on to this tactic? And are they upset about it? The possibility exists. It has long been Google’s way to detect and undermine any and every method of gaming their system. This could just be the latest in a long line of Google updates meant to make it harder for business owners to have a direct impact on the improvement of their Google presence.

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