Braces Cookbook Wins Award – Use It In Your Orthodontic Marketing Strategies

The Braces Cookbook 2When adding a new orthodontic marketing tactic to your current orthodontic marketing mix… you can’t fail with an award winning cookbook branded with your practice name.

The Braces Cookbook 2: Comfort Food with a Gourmet Touch, by Pamela Waterman and Amee Hoge, has been honored with a Next Generation Indie Books Finalist Award for 2009. Targeted to adults in braces, the book is a follow-on to the award-winning volume The Braces Cookbook: Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love; both offer tender recipes and tips for a deliciously positive approach to life with braces. Read the press release.

I have a copy of this cookbook and love it!  It is professionally illustrated and a great addition to any kitchen.  Much better presentation than orthodontic cookbooks of the past.  You don’t have to be an adult orthodontic patient in treatment to appreciate this gift.  It would be appreciated as a gift for moms also.  For orders of 25 or more, you can request gold stickers with your practice name and address.  It’s the gift that keeps you in their minds every time a patient or mom uses the cookbook and sees your name. 
Pam Waterman is scheduled as one of my guests on the Orthodontic Training Center’s Internet Marketing Cafe program.  She will offer tips on how you can use this cookbook to promote your practice.  Have you joined the OrthodonticTraining Center yet? If not, go check it out.  Discover what’s going on in orthodontics today from those in the know.  Where else can you access great information, without travel… for a minimal monthly fee?