Black Friday Reaches 1 Billion – Effective Internet Orthodontic Marketing Will Increase Referrals

One day sales reached 1 BILLION on Black Friday.  Online shopping was predicted to ease the mayhem of shopping on Black Friday. But One Billion is Sales!!  I know I spent a fortune on QVC.  There is no doubt where consumers are going to research and buy products and services… the Internet.

Even though your Internet orthodontic marketing program doesn’s sell products online, consumers looking for orthodontic treatment providers and information to make intelligent decisions is HUGE!

A website alone is no longer enough to market your orthodontic practice in most areas.  Adding a strategic Internet orthodontic marketing program as the umbrella under which you market your current internal and external marketing program is very important to increase new patient referral and the key to online marketing success.  But in order to be successful, it must be setup correctly.

  • It must be SEO (search engine optimized) correctly to be found in local search when consumers are looking for you.  This includes your website, Face and YouTube setup, and Blogging.
  • Local Maps setup and marketing programs are essential, especially with the latest Google Places updates that have been changing since 10/15/10.  They aren’t close to being done yet..  Watch my video on what happened.
  • Integrate all the pieces of your Internet marketing program so it works seamlessly to reduce time and effort and increase ROI (return on investment).

Feel free to contact me for a complimentary 1/2 online consultation to review your Internet marketing efforts for optimum results.  Contact me toll-free at 877-295-5611.  Look forward to hearing from you and helping you increase new patient referrals in 2011.

Leave a comment below regarding you greatest Internet marketing challenges.  Let’s discuss what can be done to improve your online presence.