Always Save Your Orthodontic Marketing Video Files – Google Discontinuing Video Uploads…

It is no surprise and a long time coming…  Since Google purchased YouTube, the #1 video site in the world, there is no need for Google to support two major video sites.  The good news is Google will still support all videos which are currently uploaded along with management tools in the future.  If you haven’t already uploaded your orthodontic marketing videos to Google video… get them up. You can still upload videos for another few months.  Why do I advise this?  Because Google loves to index its own video services and it is a hosting service, which will not be available in the future, for free.

Some businesses which uploaded video to Google, however, are finding this a problem.  They didn’t save the master files to allow them to upload old video again to other services.  Once uploaded, free services do not save the original video file.  Don’t find yourself in this dilemma in the future. Here a three tips to follow when creating and storing video for your practice:

  1. Always keep a master file of all your videos on a hard drive in the event a hosting service or video production company goes out of business.  This includes videos posted on your hosted websites.  You never know what the future brings. Don’t count on someone saving a copy for you and returning it willingly.
  2. If the videos are professionally created, include in the contract you would like a copy of the completed videos in original file format  such as flv, wmv, Quick Time etc. Not in format only viewable on a DVD or CD player.
  3. Request a copy of the raw .avi footage, in the event you want to combine older videos clips with new clips… to create a new video, especially patient testimonials.  If you shoot footage yourself, there is no problem if you save a copy. However, if you source it out, ask what the videographer’s policy is before you contract services.  Even though you paid for the service, you may not have rights to the original footage. Once informed, is your choice how you would like to proceed with services.  Always be informed up front.

You don’t know… what you don’t know… until you know it.  Now you know it!

To read Google’s release and FAQ’s read more here