Acceptx – An Internal Orthodontic Marketing Tool That Saves Times And Impresses Patients

Acceptx Financial Solutions, Inc. sent out a press release yesterday announcing its partnership with Industry financial expert Paul Zuelke, of Zuelke & Associates to automate Zuelke’s proven technique of assessing patient financing risk.  The web-based online service will be called the Zuelke Automated Credit Coach (ZACC) and is expected to be available soon.

Acceptx is an online automated financial solution for medical and dental practices across the US and… a TC’s or financial co-ordinator’s dream come true.  I had the opportunity to sit through a private demonstration of the online system at the AAO in Denver in May.  Where was this service when I was a TC for over 20 years? 

During the NP process, I always felt the most cumbersome and uncomfortable moment was presentation of finances.  There was no quick and easy way to present payment options to perspective patients without first banging away on a calculator to determine appropriate financial arrangements.  Insurance coverage complicated the issue along with determining the correct schedule based on credit rating and family budget. I would often watch out of the corner of my eye, many a parent trying to read my handwriting upside down… as they anxiously awaited the verdict while I completed the process. 

Acceptx and its upcoming parternship with Paul Zuelke has simplified the process by providing doctors the ability to make decisions about the fees, financial terms, collection practices and banking once… then automating the process so TC’s can quickly and efficiently present payment options or recalculate again to meet the personal needs of the patient.

From a practice management perspective, the program increases practice cash flow and profitability.  Bottom line…Acceptx enables doctors, treatment coordinators, and financial coordinators the ability to quickly present fee options that are attractive to your patients, substantially reducing your default rate and increasing new starts.

I highly recommend this inexpensive service provided by Acceptx for marketing savvy practices looking to streamline the new patient process and make an ordinary new patient experience EXTRAordinary… in the eyes of a tech savvy patient or parent.