Website Design Approval Form

We are making progress – the first phase of the website build is completed!

Phase I – This is when we decide on the overall design of the website. This includes colors, layout, button styling, photo choices, etc. This does not include written content or the organization of the menu navigation. Think of it as drawing out the blueprints for your new house.

Phase II – In this phase, our team will build out the interior pages of your website, by pulling over your current website content and melding it with our keyword optimized content. Essentially, we are building that new house and filling it with furniture. We will organize your menu and add links to all the buttons that were created during Phase I.

Phase III – Once construction of the website is completed, you will be given editing rights to the site and time to review and edit your site’s written content before it goes live on the search engines. We request this review time be limited to no more than two weeks. You will have the same editing access once the site is live, so you may continue to make content changes after the fact if you wish. The main goal of your review is to make sure that the content we’ve provided is in line with your practice values and the instructions that you provide to your patients.

Please fill out our design approval form below and check the box to approve your website design. Once approved, we will proceed to Phase II of the website build.

Your submission of this form verifies that you are “signing off” on Phase I of the website design process. This sign-off indicates you understand that future design edits to your new website design architecture may incur additional fees. In essence, this is the blueprint for your new house, and you are approving Orthopreneur to begin construction.

If you require further clarification, please contact us.