Brighten Up Your Waiting Area with LiteZilla

Are you looking for a really cool, up-and-coming product to make your office stand out? Check out LiteZilla! Dubbed “The World’s Largest Lite Brite,” LiteZilla is a hand-crafted, interactive, illuminated canvas. The glowing grid utilizes LitePins to create any design or pattern that your imagination can conceive. It’s customizable. It’s creative. It’s attractive. It comes Read More

How To Promote Orthodontic Products on Social Media Without Annoying Followers

Your orthodontic practice has been active on social media for some time now. You’ve gained a nice following and get regular engagement from patients, parents and prospects alike. How do you maintain the momentum with fresh content? With social media now becoming an advertising magnet, many orthodontists are wondering how to promote orthodontic and dental Read More

Google Removes Anonymous Reviews

In late May 2018, many business owners noticed a peculiar (and unsettling) phenomenon: their review total plummeted, with some businesses losing dozens of reviews seemingly overnight. What happened? The most likely explanation for the disappearance of so many reviews is that Google eliminated any and all anonymous reviews. These are the reviews that were published Read More